Astrotourism Western Australia's website features an online map that lists numerous Astrotourism Towns and dark sky locations for stargazing, astronomy and astrophotography.

The website assists stargazers, amateur astronomers and astrophotographers find interesting and dark sky locations for Astrotourism activities.

The sites have been selected with darkness and landscape in mind. Interesting astro-photographic compositions can be achieved and visitors are assured of a dark night sky to view the Milky Way at its best.

Astrotourism Road Trips

Perenjori Astrophotography Hot Spot 1080x675 6 days Southern Wheatbelt towns

Astrophotographers’ Paradise

Take a road trip to the stars and skies of Western Australia’s South East Wheatbelt. During daylight hours you’ll explore quaint Wheatbelt towns just…

AGO0012 IMAGE Night Sky 2000 Wx1000 Hpx 4 days Perth to Morawa return

Golden Country Stars

Escape the ordinary with this fabulous 4-day road trip. Immerse yourself in wonderful wildflowers, friendly country towns, picturesque farming…