Wave Rock has become one of the most iconic tourist hotspots in the Wheatbelt. Its towering size draws people in for a day trip from across the state, with surfing selfies and views from the top, but there is so much more to Hyden and the Shire of Kondinin than just Wave Rock.

Springtime is a fantastic time to travel through the Wheatbelt, with perfect weather conditions for road trips and camping, wildflowers and canola in bloom, events/exhibitions, and some epic, clear, starry night skies. Here’s some of our favourite reasons to explore the Shire of Kondinin to inspire you to head out and experience the Wheatbelt hospitality over a few nights' stay, not just a day trip!

Explore the vibrant town of Kondinin

This charming Wheatbelt town is bursting with creativity and culture, and you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to things to see and places to visit. One of the favourites is a lake known locally as ‘Statues Lake’. It gets its name from the various statues scattered throughout the lake by local farmer and artist Kelly Browning, using star pickets. At various times of the year, the lake turns a brilliant yellow and green colour due to the algae, making it a sight that needs to be seen!

Held in October every year and worth $11,000 in prize money, the Kondinin Art Show attracts a very high calibre of artwork that is on display and pieces available for purchase during the five-day exhibition. This is a great event that showcases the town once again and oozes art and culture.

Make a long weekend out of it and stay at the Kondinin Caravan Park with a range of modern and comfortable accommodations and facilities on offer. The Caravan Park is run by the Shire and provides the perfect stop for a few nights in town.

Discover the small township of Karlgarin

This small farming community has a population of fewer than 50 people. First settled in the 1920s, many of the town’s buildings still retain their old-world charm, including the former primary school which has been converted to a residence and Eddy’s Kernal Corn, and the former CWA building which has been converted to a café and gift shop. Admire the unique stone frontage of the Catholic Church and a mosaic of native plants and animals and make sure you take in the scenic vistas from McCanns, Buckley’s Breakaway, and the Karlgarin Hills.

Unearth hidden gems in Hyden

We’ve mentioned Wave Rock, but did you know about the other hidden gems the town has to offer? Hyden is home to the original and extensive Margaret Blackburn collection dating all the way back to the 1600s! A fascinating display that’s paired with antique gowns and wedding dresses from the Valerie Mouritz collection. Hyden is also home to a family-friendly wildlife park where all ages can see an array of animals, feed them, and get up close and personal. There’s a floating salt pond, eclectic museums, and other granite rock formations to be explored.

October is the Hyden Centenary Weekend, a celebration of 100 years of the Wheatbelt town. There’ll be plenty of entertainment, presentations, fireworks and so much more to be enjoyed. Make a weekend of it and stay in some great nearby accommodation to immerse yourself into the Wheatbelt.

See the Wildflowers

A visit to the Wheatbelt region in springtime showcases something truly magical. The rolling farmlands and fields turn into a gold and green patchwork of canola, something that needs to be seen to be believed! Your drive to Hyden, Karlgarin and Kondinin will showcase this wonderful seasonal piece of art and will have you coming back each year! The wildflowers in the Wheatbelt are spectacular, with orchids, blankets of everlastings, flowering shrubs and so much more scattered around the nature reserves and rock formations.

For further information on events, attractions, accommodation and more, head to the website and contact the Shire of Kondinin.