Explore the Kwongan Heathland Walk this Wildflower Season!

It’s wildflower season in the Wheatbelt! Year on year, the Western Australian wildflowers attracts crowds as they burst to life and cover the countryside in a patchwork of colour. From small, dainty orchids to fields of everlastings as far as the eye can see, the Wheatbelt region is one of the best places to see the wildflowers this Spring.

The Southern Wheatbelt is a beautiful place to take a walk and explore the wildflower varieties. With plenty of bushlands, inland salt lakes and wide-open spaces, there is so much to discover during this time of year. Located just 5km east of Lake Grace is the Kwongan Heathland Walk, a new 5km trail through bushland that is full of colour during wildflower season, from July to October.

Situated on Nyagi-Nyagi Country, these 42 hectares of bush were set aside as a reserve in 1929 and are a beautiful reminder of our natural history before clearing the land. With less than 11% of bushland remaining around Lake Grace, this hilltop is a precious remnant, a home for wildlife and a green corridor to neighbouring bush. The trail is well marked and loops through 10 hectares of bush, with interpretive signage of the fascinating flora of the heathland, a globally significant ecosystem that is not just stunning, but is home to one of the state’s best wildflowers.

You can walk the full track or just take a stroll along a section if you’re short on time. Marvel over the truly remarkable plants that call this area home, from tiny orchids, sprawling banksias, sighing sheoaks and more. Take your time to explore and stay on the marked trail, as the flora can be fragile or endangered, and needs to be preserved. This is a much-loved wildflower hotspot among locals and enthusiasts alike, so you’re sure to spot something truly remarkable here.

There are plenty more walking trails and places to discover around Lake Grace that are perfect to explore during wildflower season. There is a rich history, nature reserves, tracks, and trails to be explored on your next visit, or while passing through.

For more information on the Kwongan Heathland Walk and nearby attractions, contact the Lake Grace Visitor Centre.