Think it’s only us humans who can have all the road trip fun in the outback? Think again. Lake Grace is the perfect pitstop for your furred friend. The historic town may charm us two-legged creatures with its vast salt lakes, quaint thoroughfare, and historic sites, and it also has its ways of exciting your fur baby with its pet-friendly facilities.

Here, we reveal what makes Lake Grace a great place to travel with your dog.

Lake Grace Visitor Centre

A trip to the Lake Grace Visitor Centre is more than stretching your legs and mapping your road trip within the region with friendly staff; it’s also about giving your pooch a well-deserved break.

The Visitor Centre’s new adjoining path features a water fountain to fill up bottles (got to stay hydrated while on the road!) and a water bowl for your dog. It also features a new fenced-off grass area with tables and chairs under shade. Let your dog play while you enjoy a breather and continue plotting your journey around the outback.

If it’s a hot day, treat your dog to a Hound to Earth icy pup. The Canine Nutritionist-approved icy pole treats are full of Australian fruits and vegetables and are available from the Visitor Centre.

Lake King Caravan Park

Call it a night at Lake King Caravan Park. The pet-friendly campground has 15 powered sites and a powered tent camping area. Guest facilities include a camp kitchen, laundry, and a barbecue area. To pay, register at the Lake King Tavern, a leisurely stroll from the park.