Each spring, the rust-red plains of the Gascoyne Murchison transform as the burst into bloom. The wildflowers appear after the winter rains, creating some of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll ever see.

In the north of the region you’ll find iconic species like the scarlet red sturt desert pea setting the undergrowth ablaze and the royal purple mulla mulla carpeting the roadside.

The magnificent Kennedy Range and Mount Augustus also offer particularly lovely wildflower settings – their rugged, golden outlines are enhanced by clusters of wildflowers at the base. You’ll find species like mulla mulla, native corn flower, eremophila, flannel bush and fields of everlastings.

Picnic at Mt Augustus
Sturt Desert Pea
Road side flowers during season Gascoyne

Further south, fields become blanketed in pink, white and yellow everlastings, delighting photographers and wildflower enthusiasts alike. Other Gascoyne-Murchison wildflowers are just as impressive. Stop the car and take in the beauty of the wreath flower, purple vetch and red grevilleas. The peak of the season depends on the winter rains, but usually occurs from late July to early September.

Carpets of White Everlastings

If you venture to Wooleen Station, you’ll see many beautiful varieties, including Wurmbea densiflora, Eremohpilas, Cassias, Sidas, Everlastings, Acacias and Bachelor Buttons opening their tiny petals to the sun.

For more detailed information on wildflowers in the golden outback region check out our Outback Wildflowers page where you can also download our free wildflower guide.