Goldfields Glow: Embrace the Magic of Winter in the Goldfields

During the cooler seasons, the air takes on a refreshing crispness and the Goldfields region of Western Australia transforms into an adventurous playground that begs to be explored. The arid landscapes become adorned with a new allure, inviting adventurers to uncover the hidden treasures that lie within.

From the bright white of the crisp salt lakes, rust-red of the roads and the azure, cloudless sky; the contrasts will have you wowed. So, pack your bags, don your comfiest boots, and embark on an unforgettable Goldfields getaway this winter.

Rustic Retreats and Authentic Outback Experiences

Whether you prefer to sleep in your swag under the stars, or enjoy a bit of luxury – the Goldfields has options to suit every taste and budget. In Kalgoorlie Boulder, the heart of the Goldfields, you’ll find a range of accommodation from value hotels including The View on Hannans, The Plaza Hotel and the Quality Inn Railway Motel right up to luxurious stays like Rydges Kalgoorlie Resort and Spa. As you head out into the Goldfields, you’ll find a great selection of camping spots. Venture off the beaten path and discover secluded campsites that offer a true escape from the everyday hustle. Imagine nights spent under a star-studded sky, watching the flicker of a campfire dance in the breeze.

If you like a few more creature comforts, you’ll find a range of caravan parks, as well as unique outback options like Hoover House at Gwalia which was once the home to Herbert Hoover, who went on to become the thirty-first president of the United States of America!

Explore the Golden Quest Discovery Trail

If you’re wanting to hit the road and explore the real outback; the Golden Quest Discovery Trail is the self-drive itinerary for you! From quirky outback pubs dripping with charisma, to wide open landscapes that’ll steal away your breath, the Golden Quest Discovery Trail shows off some of the best outback landscapes of Australia’s Golden Outback. This road trip takes you on an adventurous loop from Coolgardie to Laverton and back, past exquisite gold rush era towns and finishing in one of Australia’s greatest outback cities, Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

Warm Up at an Outback Pub

The Goldfields is full of characterful buildings, with outback pubs being one of the most notable! Be sure to enjoy a beer and a burger at one of these fun outback pubs as you journey through the Goldfields. Check out our list of the must visit outback pubs in the Goldfields and start planning your foodie adventure. Many of these have open fires in winter to keep you cosy on the cooler evenings.

Witness the Kaleidoscope of Wildflowers

As winter falls in the Goldfields, a mesmerizing transformation takes place—the landscape blooms into a tapestry of wildflowers. The wildflowers in the Goldfields aren’t showy, in fact, you’ll have to look pretty closely to find some of these rare beauties. Keep your eyes peeled for mulla mullas, bush tomatoes, eremophilas, sundews, everlastings, sturt peas and a whole plethora of orchids, amongst many more. For a truly enchanting experience, embark on the Goldfields Wildflower Trail, where you can combine the best tourist attractions and fingers crossed, some seasonal blooms.

Outdoor Exploring

The Goldfields region is a treasure trove of curiosities, offering unexpected encounters that pique your imagination. In the height of summer, some of these attractions aren’t as enjoyable – the heat of summer makes outdoor activities pretty difficult, not the mention the increase in flies at that time of year! So winter is a perfect time to head into the heart of the Goldfields and experience the beautiful outback in cooler temperatures. Marvel at the surreal sight of Lake Ballard's eerie sculptures, where over 50 haunting figures stand against the vast salt expanse. Wander around Gwalia Historical Museum and explore the abandoned township.

Winter is a great time for picnics and hikes, so try some of our favourite outback spots like Niagara Dam and the Breakaways near Laverton. And if you're feeling particularly daring, embark on an exhilarating hike to the summit of Kookynie's Mount Burgess, where panoramic views await as your reward.

Back in Kalgoorlie, spend a crisp winter’s day exploring the HeartWalk – a 4km self-guided tour around town enjoying the huge and varied artworks and murals. Delve into the rich history of the region at the Museum of the Goldfields and Hannans North to take a captivating journey through time that reveals the tales of pioneers and prospectors.

Tee off in style

Make the most of the cool crisp days in Kalgoorlie with a quick 18 holes at the critically-acclaimed Graham Marsh designed, Kalgoorlie Golf Course. If a full game isn’t for you, you can hit a few balls at the driving range or just enjoy lunch at the restaurant. Top Tip: keep your eyes peeled for kangaroos, especially at sunset!

Tour in Style

Winter is a great time to explore and enjoy one of the amazing tours on offer in the Goldfields. Get up close to the giant mining operations at the Super Pit as you view from the Lookout, or take a tour with Kalgoorlie Tours and Charters and head down into the pit! Head to the Kalgoorlie Boulder Visitor Centre and pick up a headset for their Self-Guided Walking Tour or a ticket for the Ruby Tram – a fun way to get out and learn more about the history of the City. If you want a real treat, check out Circle H Helicopters for a pleasure cruise over the iconic Super Pit!

Your Goldfields Winter Escapade Awaits

Whether you're seeking outback adventure, a historic escape or a fun family holiday, the Goldfields region of Western Australia promises an enriching and enchanting winter journey that will linger in your heart for years to come. So, pack your sense of adventure and set your compass toward the heart of the Golden Outback—it's time to embrace the magic of the Goldfields glow.

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