The critically acclaimed touring theatre troupe Come you Spirits bring their stunning productions of The Tempest and A Midsummer Night's Dream to Stonehenge Esperance for the Winter Solstice. Internationally celebrated by industry reviewers, academics, parliamentary dignitaries, journalists, young audiences and the young at heart - for creating 'magic' on stage. These 1.5 hour adaptations are fully immersive - with the action taking place around and among the audience and the stones.

In the darkness on the evening before the Solstice, enter the ring of Stonehenge and feel the effects of resonant sound as The Tempest explodes with full lighting and sound lashing the space for a story of freedom from colonisation, forgiveness, redemption and love. An exiled King finds refuge on an island full of magic - magic that he conquers and enslaves, until he learns better from those around him. It invites us to consider our own expressions of freedom and bondage, and to question - what binds us? How could those shackles be released? Performing at 6pm on Tuesday 20th June.

Then on the afternoon of the Winter Solstice itself, the same cast will give you A Midsummer Night's Dream to lead you into a meditative sunset... when the sun is its most powerful, lashing through the stones and filling it with electromagnetic energy. Move between dimensions with these four powerful characters as they try to heal the chaos of love via Fairyland, the Forest, and the Palace's thinly veiled layers of existence. Offering a comedy full of truth, love, joy, colour, expansion and expression. It invites us to run full-speed towards what we love. As dusk falls, the sun's final rays shine exactly in line between the Heel stones and the iconic 8 metre high middle Trilithon. Performing at 1:45pm on Wednesday 21st June.