St Lukes Anglican Church in Westonia is a restored weatherboard church, which was originally erected at Naretha over 600 kilometres to the east. Its' original purpose was to serve workers on the construction of the trans-Australian railway in 1916.

Built by Joseph Budge, a missionary from the Navy Mission Society, it was dismantled, moved to Westonia and rebuilt after the completion of the line in 1918. It was a fairly common practice at that time to transfer structures to a new site when they ceased to be useful in their existing site.

Take some time to appreciate the amazing feat of relocating the church overland for such a distance, back in the early 1900s. This simple historic building is constructed of weatherboard with an iron roof; it was later lined with wallboard.

St Lukes Church is a 48-hour free camping site for fully self-contained recreational vehicles only!

Westonia is a four hour drive east of Perth, it is a tiny settlement of 250 people, which was formerly a mining boom town and now services surrounding wheat and sheep area.


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  • Picnic Area
  • Public Toilet


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