Wave Rock Weekender is an intimate boutique festival experience with a soul bigger than the 270 million year old Wave Rock itself; brilliant artists programmed for their position on art (not the charts); incredible remote location; the most progressive festival environmental initiatives in Australia; great booze and food; great films; super high quality caravan park camping with full park facilities; a huge salt pool for swimming and that sweet damn rock.

Wave Rock Weekender reigns supreme in terms of festival experiences because everyone who makes it out there – the artists, staff and patrons – essentially all get it; they all realize you are never ‘too busy’ or too important to have an experience like this, they all know quality isn’t found in advertising, convenience, consumption and fashion and they all embraced the call for freedom and adventure and hit the road.

September 2024

  • Saturday 21st 10:00am — Monday 23rd 4:00pm