Embark on a mesmerizing two-day wildflower journey from Perth to Merredin and be captivated by a vibrant showcase of native flora as you traverse through the heart of wildflower country. Explore picturesque towns like Quairading, Narembeen, and Bruce Rock, each offering unique experiences and opportunities to immerse yourself in the region's floral diversity.

Discover hidden gems like the Beacon Nature Reserve, Koorda Nature Reserve, and Wongan Hills Nature Reserve, where you'll encounter an array of colorful wildflowers that will leave you in awe. Conclude your adventure in Perth, cherishing the beauty and memories of this extraordinary floral expedition.

*Remember to check with local visitor centres for accurate information on the best viewing times.

Day 1: Perth to Merredin

Start your wildflower adventure from Perth, Western Australia, and embark on a scenic drive through the heart of wildflower country. Your first stop is the town of Quairading, approximately 160 kilometers east of Perth.

Take a stroll through the town's streets and enjoy the vibrant displays of native flora, including everlastings and orchids. The Quairading Wildflower Trail is a must-visit, offering a guided walk through stunning wildflower patches.

Continuing your journey, head to Narembeen, a town renowned for its impressive display of wildflowers. Explore the local reserves, such as the Narembeen Nature Reserve, where you can find a wide variety of wildflowers in full bloom. Follow the Mallee Fowl or Woylie walk trails for a gentle walk through the Eucalypt woodlands and Mallee shrublands, enjoy a picnic at the 15th Green Picnic Area and experience the bed of wildflowers that come alive in spring each year.

Next, head to Bruce Rock, which has a wildflower drive, an amphiteatre and native gardens for the viewing of flora. The flowers on view include isopogons, tinsel flowers, gastrolobiums, spider orchids, verticordias and triggerplants. The stunning scenery includes brilliant salmon gum-gimlet woodlands, granite outcrop, sandalwood and hakea areas.

As the day progresses, arrive in Merredin, where you will spend the night. Before settling in, make sure to visit Totadgin Conservation Park, located just outside of Merredin. This park is a haven for wildflowers, with its expansive landscapes filled with native blooms.

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Day 2: Merredin to Perth

Begin your second day by visiting Beacon, a small town with a big wildflower surprise. The Beacon Nature Reserve offers an enchanting wildflower experience, with orchids, hakeas, and banksias dotting the landscape. Take a gentle walk through the reserve and immerse yourself in the natural beauty.

Continue your wildflower journey to Koorda, where the stunning Koorda Nature Reserve awaits. Wander along the walking trails, appreciating the diverse range of wildflowers, including donkey orchids, wreath flowers, and blue leschenaultias. Capture the essence of Western Australia's wildflower wonders.

Your final stop before returning to Perth is Wongan Hills, the "Heart of the Wildflower Country." The Wongan Hills Nature Reserve boasts an extensive range of wildflowers, including colorful everlastings, featherflowers, and smoke bushes. Hike the trails and relish the breathtaking vistas adorned with nature's floral masterpieces.

From Wongan Hills, make your way back to Perth, concluding your unforgettable wildflower expedition through the captivating countryside of Western Australia. Reflect on the remarkable beauty you encountered along the journey and cherish the memories of this floral adventure for years to come.

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