Step into Spring in the Golden Outback

Step into spring in Australia’s Golden Outback to experience a colourful wonderland full of blooming wildflowers, perfect camping conditions, sun shining days and cooler cosy nights. You’ll experience incredible hiking conditions throughout the Gascoyne Murchison, rolling canary-yellow canola fields in the Wheatbelt, ideal road trip conditions in the Goldfields, and blue skies over the waters in Esperance. The Golden Outback is the perfect place to explore this spring to see the landscape like you’ve never seen it before.

Spring in the Gascoyne Murchison

The Gascoyne Murchison starts to see wildflowers blooming from late July and after some decent rainfall, you can see carpets of everlastings in shades of pink, yellow and white, the famous wreath flowers, and many other rare wildflower varieties scattered throughout the region. Wildflowers aren’t the only drawcard in spring, with ideal road trips and camping conditions spanning the season. Warm, sunny days with clear skies provide the perfect environment to explore the marvellous rock formations while hiking to the top and looking at the awe-inspiring views that surround you.

Tackle the incredible Burringurrah (Mount Augustus) before settling down for the night at Mount Augustus Tourist Park to watch the sun cast epic sunset colours against the geological giant. If you’re road tripping around the region, stop into the Junction Pub for a bite to eat and a refreshing drink to cool off. The temperature at night tends to be cool, so set up camp next to a campfire as you snuggle in and cast your eyes to the sky for an epic skyshow. The Gascoyne Murchison season wraps up in late October, so Spring is the perfect time to hit the road north and explore.

Spring in the Goldfields

The Golden landscapes of the Goldfields spring to life between September and November, with perfect road trip conditions. Spring is a great time to tackle the Golden Quest Discovery Trail, stopping in at the quirky outback pubs, museums and landmarks along the way. Discover the history of times gone by and the incredible gold rush era which marked the start of what Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields is today. Visit the one and only Kalgoorlie Super Pit to marvel over its sheer size, and pay a visit to Hannans North Tourist Mine for an up close experience with “the good ol’ days”. Whether you decide to stay in Australia’s biggest outback city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder or venture out to see landmarks like Lake Ballard on a road trip, you may be lucky enough to spot a rare orchid or other species of wildflower growing around the area. You can expect to see some incredible sunsets that cast golden hues across the wide open plains, creating a sunset like no other.

Spring in the Wheatbelt

It comes as no surprise that the Wheatbelt region is one of the most beautiful regions in the Golden Outback in spring. With so many wildflower hotspots, the Wheatbelt bursts to life with colour against the lush green landscapes and fields. After some winter rain, the incredible canola fields burst to life covering the farms in a golden wonderland. With perfect conditions for camping and hiking, you're spoilt for choice in this natural playground, with amazing rock formations, nature reserves, wildlife walks, woodlands, and so much more.

Once you’ve explored the natural beauty of the region, turn your focus to the incredible tours, accommodation options and places to eat and drink around the region. Spring is a great time to book a farm stay and experience true outback hospitality. However, the weather provides idyllic conditions to camp out at one of the many beautiful campsites as you sit in the sunshine listening to the sounds of nature during the day, before getting the campfire roaring when it’s cooler at night. Take it from us - you want to visit the Wheatbelt in spring!

Spring in Esperance & the Fitzgerald Coast

The rainy, cloudy days start to slowly disappear in spring, and you can expect to see some beautiful sunny days in the incredible coastal town of Esperance. Whilst ocean swimming may only be for the brave, it doesn’t mean you can’t visit the almost endless string of beaches, perch up on the white beach sands, and gaze out over the incredible blues of the ocean. Head to town and visit the vibrant arts scene as you pop into shops like Cindy Poole Glass Gallery and try some delicious beers and bites from Lucky Bay Brewing. An outdoor adventure like no other, the national parks around Esperance provide opportunities to hike mountainous peaks, explore coastal walking trails, spot pops of colour as the wildflowers burst to life, and camp right in the thick of it all at stunning campsites. If you travel further, the Fitzgerald Coast showcases yet another incredible natural playground with waterside wonders. Head to Point Ann, a purpose built whale-watching platform in the national park with a picnic area, as you watch the annual whale migration along the coast.

Now all you need to do is choose your road trip location, pack the car and hit the ground running! Unforgettable wildflowers that carpet the land in colour, sunny days perfect for exploring, hiking and climbing and ideal road trip conditions leave you with no excuse not to head out and explore Australia’s Golden Outback this spring!

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