Five events to add to your bucket list

This wide, expansive region also plays host to some of the most unique and fun events in Australia. As the COVID-19 pandemic affected so many 2020 events, here are our favourites, some of which you may never have heard of, but we highly recommend adding to your to-do list for 2021!
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Wildflowers during Spring Bencubbin

How to take the best Wildflower Photos

You don’t need a fancy camera or be a professional to take good wildflower photos – you can take great shots just with a phone camera. Angle and light are the most important tips. Having a camera on the auto setting will help select the best settings and most have good built in macro settings which will be automatically selected on auto. Take multiple shots from different angles.
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Wildflowers near Eaglestone Rock Nungarin image credit Tourism WA 119371 56

Wildflower Bucket List!

We asked you guys the question – which wildflower is on top of your bucket list? We received so many great answers and have complied them into a list of the top 7 wildflowers to search for this year… pack your car and hit the road, it’s wildflower season!
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