Springtime Splendour in Western Australia's Goldfields

The Goldfields region of Western Australia has a deep, rich history dating back to the gold rush era. From its wild beginnings as a gold rush town full of fortune seekers, the outback city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder has grown into a busy city with a very distinct character. The cooler climate of springtime brings the perfect conditions for a Goldfields adventure that boasts something for everyone. From salt lakes, the Super Pit, quirky outback pubs, architecture oozing with charm, true outback hospitality and so much more, you’ll love what you unearth on your Goldfields adventure.

Make the most of the ideal road trip conditions

The weather starts to warm up in spring, but an average temperature of 25 degrees makes for almost perfect conditions for a road trip. Whether that means you pack up the car and road trip all the way into the Goldfields, or fly into the region and hire a car, this is the perfect time to head into the wide open landscapes for a road trip adventure like no other.

The Golden Quest Discovery Trail is the perfect way to experience the region. Starting in Coolgardie and looping up to Laverton and back, this self drive itinerary showcases the red-rugged landscape of the Goldfields, outback pubs, real life ghost towns, salt lakes with outdoor art installations, and so much more. You can take your own pace to ensure you discover all the best bits the journey has to offer. If some shorter road trips are more your thing, wind the windows down and journey along the Norseman Heritage Trail or the Leonora Loop Trails.

If a self-drive isn’t what you’re after, why not take in the sights if the region in style on a motorcycle trike-tour experience with Thunderstruck Goldfields. Offering a range of services from simple pick up and drop off to full tours as you sit back and take in your surroundings.

Wonderful wildflowers in bloom

The Goldfields region might not come to mind when you think of the colourful blooming wildflowers of the Golden Outback, but you can in fact find some hidden gems scattered around the landscape. You’ll have to try a little harder to spot the beautiful wildflowers in the Goldfields, but you can expect to spot mulla mulla, bush tomatoes, eremophilas, sundews, everlastings, sturt pears, and a range of orchids, if you look in the right places that it! The Goldfields Wildflower Trail combines some of the best tourist attractions around the area, as well as these seasonal beauties. Check out our wildflower page to start planning, but we’d also recommend checking with local Visitor Centre’s before heading out to hunt for wildflowers as they can be very dependant on weather conditions.

Discover abundant nature and wildlife

Again, when most people think of the Goldfields, they think of the red dirt. Whilst a significant portion of the region is in fact just that, there are pockets of nature and wildlife that will have you forgetting you’re in the desert. The Kalgoorlie Arboretum is a piece of natural bushland with interpretive walk trails showcasing the region native flora, where you can identify species whilst reading all the information about them. Relax with a picnic under the river gum trees to soak in the lush atmosphere of the 26 hectares of bushland.

Hammond Park is a lush green oasis situated right next to the mining town, that will transport you away from the red rugged landscape and into a stunning park environment. Complete with a wildlife sanctuary for the whole family to enjoy and feed the kangaroos, emus and a variety of birdlife. Spend a few hours here soaking up with springtime sunshine.

To really get to know the land, book a tour with Goldfields Honey Ant Tours to join an authentic bushfood foraging tour in the heart of the Golden Outback. Gather, prepare and taste the traditional bushfoods and medicine plants that have sustained the Tjupan people in the harsh desert environment for years gone by.

Spoil yourself with arts and culture

The Goldfields has a rich gold rush history, which has helped shape the way Kalgoorlie Boulder and the region is today. Explore the incredible architecture of the buildings that are still standing, and discover the history of what was onced housed within them. When the sun is shining, head outdoors and embark on HeartWalk, a guided self-tour of town showcasing the murals and artwork painted on buildings around town. If you want to see the gem of the city, the Kalgoorlie Super Pit, book a tour with Kalgoorlie Tours & Charters where you’ll learn all there is to know about this open mine, with truck spotting and digger watching for the kids to enjoy.

Head indoors to the many museums on offer to learn about the gold rush, the history of the region, and the early pioneers who came from rags to riches. Take a guided walking tour around the city after collecting a headset from the Kalgoorlie Boulder Visitor Centre and enjoy the sunshine.

If you’re heading further north in the Goldfields, a stop to Gwalia is a must. Visit a real-life ghost town that has stood still in time, with houses, buildings, items and cars still standing from when the miners picked up and left after the closure of the nearby mine site. Visit the Gwalia Historical Museum for a truly fascinating insight into the bygone era. While you’re in the Northern Goldfields, pop into the Laverton Aboriginal Art Gallery to feast your eyes on an incredible display of Aboriginal artwork that is for sale.

It wouldn’t be an arts tour of the Goldfields without a trip to Lake Ballard. Set upon the white salt lake near Menzies are 51 individually cast steel sculptures, stretching across 10 square kilometres. This incredible art installation forms the world's most remote art installation, ‘Inside Australia’ by Antony Gormley, and is a must see while road tripping around the Goldfields.

Put the Goldfields on your spring road trip bucket list and start planning your next adventure.

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