Take the Granite and Goldfields Wildflowers Drive in spring time and enjoy a leisurely drive through some of Western Australia’s best wildflower country. Wildflowers bloom here typically from late August to October.

Wildflowers displays are subject to seasonal variations and weather conditions so before heading out, we recommend you contact the relevant Visitor Centre for this region.

Day 1: Perth – Merredin
(351 kilometres/4 hours)

Depart Perth and travel to historic York. Around the Wheatbelt you'll see the landscape transform with colourful wildflower displays along the roadside. Visit Quairading, Narembeen and Bruce Rock on your way to Merredin.

Check in with the local visitor centres here for where wildflowers are sprouting around these areas.

Accommodation options: Motels, caravan park, self contained accommodation, B&Bs, camping.

Talgomine Reserve Road

Day 2: Merredin – Kalgoorlie
(334km, 3 hours)

Head for Sandford Rock Nature Reserve, 10km northeast of Westonia, where you’ll find beautiful Silver Mallee. Head back to the Great Eastern Hwy, and on your way to Kalgoorlie, you'll pass through the spectacular Boorabin National Park. Enjoy seeing the large and diverse Eucalypt woodlands and when in season the abundance of wildflowers.

Wildflowers that can be seen from the highway include Flame grevillea (Grevillea eriostachya), Grass leaf hakea (Hakea multilineata) and Roe’s featherflower (Verticordia roei). The three semi-arid banksia species: Swordfish banksia (Banksia elderiana), Inland banksia (Banksia audax) and the rare Lullfitz’s banksia (Banksia lullfitzii) are all present in the shrubby areas.

Accommodation options: Motels, apartments, outback pubs, hotels, caravan parks, backpackers, camping.

Day 3: Kalgoorlie – Leonora
(235km, 2.5 hours)

Journey to Comet Vale to view mulga woodlands, unique granite rock vegetation and prolific spring wildflower displays. Continue north to Menzies, via the Gormley Sculptures, Kookynie, Leonora and Gwalia and the Malcolm Dam with its profusion of wildflower varieties.

Accommodation options: Outback pubs, motel, caravan park, Hoover House.

Everlastings near Menzies

Day 4: Leonora – Perth
(877km, 9.5 hours)

Return to Perth via Coolgardie and the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail.

Events along the way

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